Standard-setting expertise in
commercial, industrial, and institutional roofing

A lot of skills go into designing, building, or repairing roofs for big shopping centres, office buildings, warehouses, factories, industrial complexes, hospitals, and schools. At the design stage, it’s about working closely with the customer, architect, and contractor to work out the technical standards the roof has to meet. What kind of operations will the roof be protecting? How much square footage will it cover? What kinds of equipment will it have to support? What kind of weather and climate will it have to stand up to? Will it sustain regular traffic? Answering questions like these will determine the type of roof to build and the materials to put into it.

Next comes planning the job, which is about nailing down the logistics so that everything fits seamlessly into the overall schedule. The movement of equipment and placement of materials needs to be optimized without compromising the safety of all the workers on the jobsite.

The installation phase calls for pinpoint deployment of forces to optimize the use of time and minimize occupant inconvenience during roof replacement, repair, or snow removal operations. The job must be done with the utmost precision in order to always maintain and deliver the highest standards of quality and safety.

Done fast. Done right.

Look to us for teams of seasoned professionals with all the right equipment to help make your commercial, industrial, or institutional roofing project a success. Our purchasing power and solid financial foundations mean we can access the essential materials for building, replacing, or repairing your roof fast, and at preferred prices. We’re certified by well-known organizations including Avetta, Complyworks, Cognibox, and ContractorCheck, which have assessed our training and jobsite procedures and equipment to ensure that the work on your project complies with governance, risk management, and occupational health and safety requirements.

It’s every building owner and portfolio manager’s duty to optimize ROI. Entrusting us with your roof is your assurance that everything will be tightly managed, deadlines will be met, and unforeseen twists will be dealt with proactively. Above all, you can count on faultless design, planning, delivery, and results.